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Album: Teeth
Artist: Exit the President
Songwriter/Performer: Nate Bech

Composed and recorded during three months of winter isolation in a remote island cabin in North Idaho.


released June 1, 2016

Cover painting: Isan Brant




Exit The President

Teeth is the debut album by Exit the President whose sole member is songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nate Bech. Teeth is a rich rhythmic world that mixes synth beats, and acoustic drums in an intuitive polyphonic tapestry with evocative slide guitar, falsetto vocals and raw bass lines.

Teeth was written and recorded during three months of winter isolation at a remote island cabin in Idaho.
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Track Name: Teeth
Here he is
an ordinary boy
quietly he speaks
gently whispering
questions in him grow
is there anything?

Is there anything thats known?
what can I control?
or is this all a dream?

Step of the edge of this precipice
feel your arms cut the wind
hear your ears ringing

Here he is again
an ordinary man
lying in the dirt
in the thorns and throws
a child with broken bones
sharing in the hurt

This is an ordinary dream
this is an ordinary fall
suddenly your sick
in a predicament
this is an ordinary fall
Track Name: Memories
Wait for it
breathing under stress
feel the heart beating
hold your feet to the ground

I present this show
for your spectacle
fireworks fill the air
consuming all the oxogen

A bitter kiss will light the fuse
forgotten feelings, lost control
regrettably I know its true
every loss will follow you

Thrown to the atmosphere
past their breaking point
fuses reach their ends

Another day of things I choose and things I am
I walked with you and now I leave you all alone
I cared for you, now I begin again
I love you dear, Goodbye now
Track Name: Limits
Pushing you under
spoiling your whole life
breaking down your holding line
fold against the pressure
easing your anger
lost into a moment in time

A sudden departure
this pain has not been innocent
it will not listen to me

These are not decisions I can be making
this is just a hole in to crawl

Pushing me under
spoiling this whole life
breaking down my holding line
fold against the pressure
easing my anger
lost into a moment in time

i want everything
I lack nothing at all
there is no end to me
I have no limits
Track Name: Cold Fire
Bring it now and don’t be late
I have a message to relay
all of the things I feel
some of them you may have heard of
sung in extasy
I am where I’ve never been
thrown to an open see
with no land that can be seen

You were there to see
everything I ever wanted
all the world spinning around me
I will never forget you

Wake up to the color grey
because the weather never changes
in these empty sheets
I wonder why that I am here
when you are far away
and I don’t know when you’ll return

and then my heart just burns
my heart just burns

You were there to greet me
everything I could ask for
all your world spilling over me
I will never forget you
Track Name: Dance to Kill Your Plans
Stop this feeling
Enough, Let me out
Stop this violence
I don’t need it anymore
Release me

Dance around your dreams
Follow your moves
Hold against your lean
Don’t fall

Stare into your eyes
To extricate my soul
from the blankness of my world

Dance a dance of limbs
A dance to kill your plans
A move to let me in

Let no one in, let nothing out
Pack me up, and push me off
From birds eye view, I can see you walk
Away from, this lovers heart
Track Name: Lost
Song: Lost
Artist: Exit the President
Songwriter/Performer: Nate Bech

I am lost
In your dream
Everywhere I turn
Has a meaning

Something I knew before
In this lonely heart
Was believing

I’m in love
With your world
Every glance I make
Hits a feeling

When things fall apart
The doors open up
To believe

Everywhere I look
I’ll see you
Someone I knew before
Someone this lonely heart
Can believe in
Track Name: Letter in the Mail
Song: Letter in the Mail
Artist: Exit the President
Songwriter/Composer/Arranger: Nate Bech

When do you ever feel lonely
Wish there was someone around
When there is no one to hold you
Where there is nothing to care

Sleep is the only escaping
Then it will follow you there
Stranded in empty surroundings
Numbed by the clouds and cold air

Oh my love
When will you ever return

Where are the rules are forgotten
When all the people have gone
Loneliness won’t desert you
And leave you for somebody else

Oh my love
When will you ever come home